Action Posters - JB3 Photography


Review the flyer form below and choose your poster or multiple posters. Once you have decided on the style you would like please use the "Contact Form" link at the top of the page to make your special order request.

Sample posters can be found beneath the flyer on this page.

Please provide the following information when making your request:

1. Your name

2. Player name

3. Photos to be used for the poster (include Gallery and File Name)*Note: I will make every effort to use your first choice in the poster4. Contact information: (Phone Number and/or E-mail Address)

Payment & Order Processing:

1. Payment method (Check or Cash - Visa/MC accepted - 3% service charge added to total)

2. No work will be performed until 50% deposit received

3. Poster will be completed and delivered in person within 2 weeks

Discounts (limited time)

1. If you would like multiple copies of the same poster 25% discount on additional posters

     **Canvas prints NOT included**

Action Poster - Sports Flyer 2014

Sample Image